Those who’ve been experiencing stress & chronic sickness will be surprised at how easy it is to ease into a renewed body, rejuvenated mind & energized spirit. This retreat is for those who believe that the period of their stay is a commitment to cleansing can change your life forever.

detox •yoga • meditation • breath work • energy healing • art & movement therapy

Raw Food Chef, Daniw Arrazola, together with our conscious-kitchen visiting chefs & assistants will prepare gourmet raw food meals to detox your body while you enjoy the various tastes of super foods that nourish your body on a cellular level. We use our own blend of essential oils and cold-pressed coconut oil to aid the cleansing process and soothe your body through therapeutic massage and deep nature body scrub. A colon cleanse is also scheduled to jump-start your detox process. While the package includes one colon cleanse, most of our guests opt for additional colon treatments to end the retreat with an exclamation point and set them up nicely upon their return to “regular” life.

Aside from Inner Dance sessions, your personal transformation process will be supported by workshops and rituals led by resident and visiting facilitators. You will also experience the deep meditative quality of a one-day coconut fast as we hold space for total silence. Our daily detox regimen, comprised of morning flush, dry skin brushing, oil pulling therapy and lymphatic system exercises, is designed for you to continue the cleanse when you go back home.

100% raw vegan

Deep Nature Cleanse (DNC)











100% Raw vegan diet (3 meals daily)
Detox/energizing drinks (daily)
Green Smoothie (AM) Raw food snacks (PM)
Yoga classes
Raw food demo/preparation
Inner Dance Healing / Emotional cleanse
Detox spa services
Detox care kit
Detox Herbal supplements 

Organic personal care kit
Detox Bag (choice of print)
Trip to Maia Earth Village & Nagtabon beach/mountain
Service upgrade in 2018
Infused water  with Prime Essential Oils
Gall Bladder and Liver Flush ( for 21 days DNC plus only)
Veggie juicing
Systematic Sun Bathing










64,100php (Basic price) / 60,895php (Direct booking from the website) / 57,690php (Early Bird)


129,000php (Basic price) /122,550php (Direct booking from the website)  116,100php (Early Bird)

            + Early bird rates valid if you register and make full payment 30 days before the arrival date.

            + Local Senior citizen’s with valid ID are most welcome to avail the discount.


We run retreats all-year round so you may choose your own arrival and departure dates but please avoid arriving on Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition to the Deep Nature Cleanse, main activities within the period may include:

  • Raw food talk, demo, preparation and video presentation
  • Morning detox ritual
  • Yoga/breathwork/meditation
  • Energy work
  • Inner Dance healing session
  • Rites and rituals
  • Workshops and other healing art offerings by visiting BK teachers

For inquiries, click here. We will happily send you additional details when we receive your formal inquiry. Thank you.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Partially-solar powered eco rooms with fan
  • Shared eco-toilet and bath
  • Library, video screening, art and hammock reading areas
  • Common workshop area for groups
  • Labyrinth
  • Open sandy space for individual meditation/practice, rituals
  • Wi-fi (according to the whims of trees and wind)

Day Services: (charged separately):

  • Energy bodywork
  • BK trifecta massage
  • Detox massage with medicinal oils
  • Deep nature body scrub
  • Nature trips: Underground River tour, Honda Bay visit, city tour, firefly watching, dolphin watching, whale shark watching, seasonal activities, etc.
  • For a full list, please click here.