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In the Philippines, Bahay means house, Kalipay is happiness – the house of happiness, with people live in harmony, from moment to moment, trust-filled in the presence of what is sacred and simple in the nature that surrounds us.


Welcome to Bahay Kalipay

As a self-sustainable community of spiritual seekers, artists, healers, teachers, and explorers of a raw food lifestyle from around the world, Bahay Kalipay shares the vision of living in harmony with each other, the community, and Nature by making conscious choices towards the evolution of body, mind and spirit that honors the various levels of preparedness of the individual.

We invite you to join us…

and experience the powerful evolution of self.  You will be supported by a group of international teachers who gather at Bahay Kalipay with open hearts, ready to share their wisdom with other seekers of light. 


We are NOW bringing Bahay Kalipay to YOU! Online transformation classes, soul food, earth store will be available soon!

We are Teachers & Learners

We are all teachers, deepening our knowledge through experience with each other as divine beings. We do not teach what we know, but teach who we are; in the process we shine a light on your own wisdom, awakening the teacher within, so you can realize your potential and power over your life through conscious choices.

Join Our Retreats & Programs

Bahay Kalipay retreats and programs are our collective offering to you. Our circle of teachers, facilitators, and alternative healing practitioners have come together to create an integrated transformation process that supports the body, mind, and spirit.

See our year-round run programs below:

See our two main programs below:

Yoga & Day Services

Through mindful movement and breathing techniques, Yoga can soften you whilst at the same time strengthening you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clarity of mind, deepened states of relaxation and an all-round blissed out feeling are just a few of the free side effects!  The word Yoga means to yoke or to unite so through this pathway out of the mind and into the body, we are preparing for Union with our highest self.

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