Yoga is the simple practice of being mindful in all that you do, whether exercising, working, or simply resting. For a lot of us, our busy lifestyles often lead to such a busy mindset that we can’t shut off even while trying to relax. When this becomes part of our life’s routine, even getting good quality sleep becomes an issue. Experience a yoga retreat at Bahay Kalipay and re-learn to relax while we support your inner journey with an immersion into classic Indian yoga (hatha / ashanga), or spiritual yoga (kundalini).

Spend a week with us exploring asana, meditation, breathwork, inner dance, buddhism, and other activities to support your personal practice. As you remember how to align your body, mind and spirit again, you will experience yourself fully, all the while detoxing using natural foods and supplements.

Bahay Kalipay is just a quick one hour flight away from NAIA, followed by a short ride to the banana plantation where we are hidden away from the hussle and bustle of Puerto Princesa City.