Day Services


Through mindful movement and breathing techniques, Yoga can soften you whilst at the same time strengthening you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clarity of mind, deepened states of relaxation and an all-around blissed out feeling are just a few of the free side effects!  The word Yoga means to yoke or to unite so through this pathway out of the mind and into the body, we are preparing for Union with our highest self.

Your Yoga practice can be as intensive or as relaxed as you choose and we cater for all levels. Your safety and comfort are kept paramount as we infuse classes with light-hearted fun, helping you relax, reduce stress while getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

Bahay Kalipay offers various styles of yoga to BK guests and the local Puerto Princesa community.  We regularly feature visiting teachers offering other types of yoga, including Yin/Restorative, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. Please see our Program Schedule for details on when these classes and workshops will occur.

Please contact us in advance to make a booking via (+ 63) 9275477871

Spa Services


  • Trifecta Massage (60 minutes): 1,350 PHP
    A combination of pressure points, deep tissue and stretching
    Abdominal Massage
  • Raindrop Therapy: 2,700 PHP
  • Medicated Oil Massage (60 minutes): 2,000 PHP                Detox Massage


  • Body Scrub (60 minutes): 2,500 PHP
  • Deep Nature Body Scrub, with Mask and Polish (60 minutes): 3,500 PHP


Depends on the availability of the accupanturist.

  • Physical Pain removal  (ear needles): 950 PHP
  • Guided Imagery and Relaxation: 1,950 PHP
  • Emotional Pain relief with Ego-ectomy (2 hours): 2,950 PHP    



  • Community Yoga (90 minutes): 500 PHP/per class
  • 10 x Classes Pass (valid for two months): 3,500 PHP
  • Unlimited Pass (valid for one month): 5,000 PHP
  • One-on-One Yoga Class (75 minutes): 1,200 PHP
  • One-on-One Yoga Class (75 minutes): 1,700 PHPOutside the center – Our teachers come to you

Full Day Experience with or without 1-Nights Accommodation

Choose from:

  • Full Day: 3,200 PHP
  • Full Day with Raw Food Demo (Minimum 3 people): 4,700 PHP
  • Full Day with Accommodation: 7 am – 9 am the next day: 5,600 PHP


7-8: 30 am Yoga

9:00 am Breakfast

10:30-12 pm  Scheduled class

1:00 pm  Lunch

2:00-3:00 pm  Massage

4:00-5:30 pm  Yoga

6:00 pm   End (Day experience)

7:30 pm  Scheduled class

9:00 am  Check-out

Mind Care Offerings

  • Group Inner Dance (90 minutes): 500 PHP
  • Guided Inner Dance Session (Private, 60 minutes): 1,000 PHP
  • Guided Inner Dance Session with Pi (Private, 60 minutes): 3,500 PHP
  • Reiki Session (60 minutes): 1,000 PHP

Morning or Afternoon Half Day Experience

7 am – 1 pm or 1 pm – 6 pm (6 hrs): 2,350 PHP

7-8:30 am  Yoga

9:00 am  Breakfast

10:30-12 pm  Massage

1:00 pm End


1 pm  Lunch

1:30-3:30 pm  Massage

4-5: 30 pm Yoga

6:00 pm End


  • Medicated Oil Massage + Colonics + Body Scrub: 5,780 PHP
  • 2 x Colonics: 3,740 PHP
  • Colonics + Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage): 3,995 PHP
  • Raindrop Therapy + Body Scrub: 4,420 PHP
  • 2 x Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage): 4,250 PHP
  • Yoga + Dinner: 900 PHP
  • Yoga + Breakfast: 750 PHP
  • Colonics + Breakfast: 2,450 PHP
  • Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage) + Breakfast: 2,750 php

Nature Trip: The MAIA Experience

Every Friday (9 am-5 pm) please book in advance!

Breakfast in Bahay Kalipay: 375 PHP

Smoothie: 150 PHP

Inner Dance in Maia: 500 PHP

Nagtabon Beach (including transportation, lunch and snack): 1,125 PHP

Total: 2,150 PHP


Please read below for a detailed description of individual sessions:




Full / Half Day Experience

Yoga, massage, super healthy and tasty raw food and the other scheduled classes (depending on the daily schedule). 

One of Bahay Kalipay’s fortes is the raw food and the raw food demo will only be provided in a full day experience, and if…

– You’re coming alone and would like to experience the preparation of the raw food, please plan your visit on Sundays

– You’re coming with another 2 friends (minimum 3 people), a raw food demo can be arranged according to your preference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact us in advance to confirm the daily schedule via +63 (0)927 5477871

If you would like a 24-hours experience, a shared hut can be arranged too.



A colonics is an infusion of water that is inserted into the rectum to cleanse and flush out the colon from all blocked, decaying substances on the intestinal walls. It leaves an overall sense of well being in body and mind. With this colonics, a guaranteed perfect blend of organic herbs and water combines to clean the colon gently and effectively. creating the lightness and freshness both internally and extremely.


Thai Massage

Thai massage works off the belief that tightened muscles lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can’t flow freely, you become inflexible, suffer pain and feel stiff. No oil is used in Thai massage.


Trifecta/Medicated Oil Massage

The medicated oil massage is gentle, and Swedish-inspired. It therapeutically treats the sore areas of the body and releases the muscle tension. The fragment oil is used is an organic herbal blend and it pulls toxins out of the body, truly detoxifying the entire system. The oil leaves the skin smooth and soft while inducing a deep feeling of overall wellness.


Body Scrub

Delight the skin with this organic body scrub. The scrub only contains natural, healthy ingredients such as cucumber, coconut, rice flour and sea salt.



Young Living Raindrop Therapy

Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. We’ll use 7 essential oils, 2 essential blends, 2 massage oils, raindrop technique uses 7 single essential oils and these oils are dropped about 6 inches above the spine, it feels like a raindrop gently striking your spine, it’s very relaxing and comforting.



Private Guided Inner Dance Session

Communing with your Highest Self  – If you seek clarity, release, or peace of mind, Inner Dance will help connect with your inner Knowing, however, you might call it: God, Divine Mother, the Universe, or your subconscious. It is experienced as a form of guided deep meditation in motion, where your consciousness expands, allowing the powerful yet gentle energy stream to flow; in your openness to receive, you’ll be given insight, inspiration, and balance. At the end of the session, we will integrate by journaling, discussion, and next steps. (Wear comfortable clothing for moving freely.)  Suggested Donation: P3,500 for 60-75 minutes.



Day trip to Maia Earth Village

Maia is the “sister” eco-village of Bahay Kalipay located in Bacungan, a 45-minute drive from Puerto Princesa. On this trip, you will spend the day in peace and quiet, eating coconuts and simply communing with nature, with an estimated duration of 7 hours, including travel time.  A picnic in nearby Nagtabon beach is also included. An overnight stay is an option, with an additional charge only to cover the transportation back to the city. For more information about Maia Earth Village, click here. Please book in advance. Cost: 2,150 PHP (minimum of 3 pax).