Inner Birthing of Issa: Full Lotus and Water Birth, Skin to Skin, Breastfeeding and High on Raw Plant Base Food, Innerdance.

Thank you everyone for the good thoughts and warm messages and for resonating with what we chose to do in this pregnancy, birthing and parenting process. It is indeed heartwarming to know that we are supported by you. We are still in our nesting period, hoping to extend until the 40th day after birth so we can all fully recover, with not so much physical and mental work involve but merely enjoying the time with our growing family. 🙂

Here is Issa at 33hrs after birth.

In Full Lotus Birth we don’t cut the cord and we wait until it totally falls off without clamping or burning. You wait until it naturally detach itself from the baby.


Placenta is believed to be the twin sister, angel of the baby. It has life. (please get a copy of the book, Placenta The Forgotten Chakra by Robin Lim)

It is destined to give up its life to support baby Issa all through out her living years. An Angel whom she will recognize and will be with her always.

I decided to remove Issa’s clothes so we can have more skin to skin time with each other and the umbilical cord needs natural air to dry. Covering her with fully with clothes doesn’t help so much. Skin to skin time gives more opportunity for the mom and the child to really bond and feel the warmth of each other’s body. There were many experiences shared already that it prevented and healed many birth illnesses or defects of the child including those which are caused by premature birthing.

We are preserving the placenta with salt and food grade lavender essential oil, this gives us an option to either burry and have ceremony or dry and encapsulate it as future medicine supplement of the child and the mom. (A lot of pharmaceutical companies previously and without permission from the parents, they buy and collect all the placenta from the hospitals. Where does the placenta soap comes from anyway?)


For her navel I put Frankincense and Mhyrr. All oils give healing qualities and are spiritual oils too.

It takes a lot of energy and presence to be 24/7 be there for the child so the cord won’t be accidentally removed. We haven’t gotten enough sleep but this whole process only happens once in her life so it worth all the effort.

The oils were given by friend from Malaysia after continuously dreaming of the birthing of Jesus with the three wise men with their gifts. She got an email mentioning Issa, which is actually an Armaic name of Jesus and a name in Malay that connotes the same and so it gave her an idea to send the three gifts of the three wise men. Thank you Shahira.

Symbolic, beautiful and in essence as we always want it to be.

(Wow, posting this at exactly 11:11, that is an add on.)


Also, please feel free to share the videos and our posts if you feel your friends will resonate with it too, no need to ask permission please. I think when its already in fb and you tube even us doesn’t have full ownership of it. As you share, please send prayers to all mommies and babies that they all have safe birthing process too. Blessings!


Daniw Pi Sinag and Issa
For the BIRTHING VIDEOS of Issa and Sinag.