Visiting Us

At Bahay Kalipay, we have a weekly rhythm designed to support the overall well-being of mind, body, spirit and heart. As a guest, we open our doors to you through our ongoing retreats and programs. Each of them has a set of well-defined activities designed to support your personal process, according to your intention.

We welcome guests all year round and upon completion of your program, you are free to stay longer at a discounted rate for room, meals and most group activities.

If your schedule does not permit the full duration of the program, you can still visit with us, knowing that you will be joining the flow of our days, which adhere to a certain form yet allow for inspiration to manifest. For example, on Fridays, we go on a Nature trip, which is usually a day excursion to Nagtabon beach and MAIA Earth Village. At Nagtabon beach you can swim in clean and clear waters, off the beaten tourist path. We also have our raw food picnic lunch here. MAIA Earth Village is a place where you can witness sustainable buildings and ways of living, while also partaking in our Innerdance process in their shalas with stunning views. 

Every morning, except Wednesday’s on Total Silence Day at BK, we offer yoga and in the afternoons, other movement and sound-based healing activities. On some evenings, we have Innerdance and occasionally, we may hold a fire ritual which can coincide with a Full or New Moon. 

If you’re in the neighborhood and would like to drop by, you can come and join us for a raw food meal. Just give us at least 3 hours notice by making a reservation so we know to expect you.

Email us at to inquire on a retreat and we will reply you promptly!