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Infinite Inner Dance Journey with Pi

4 Days 3 Nights

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Pi left the corporate world of advertising and marketing to undertake a vision quest around the Philippines where he walked around Mindanao without money for one year, ending up as a hermit on a deserted beach on an island in Northern Palawan. In this place called Kalipay Beach, he came into his personal healing, eating coconuts almost exclusively, which led to his discovery of a powerful vibration that awoke within him. In the years after this, he has brought the healing energy to more than ten thousand people from over 40 nationalities, founding a successful international detox center in Puerto Princesa and an international healing eco-village in Bacungan, Palawan. His work has been reported by the media in Europe, America and all over Asia, where he travels extensively to give advanced energy awareness training and to assist in the formation of healing centers in many large cities around Asia. Pi has worked extensively with medical practitioners, schools, government and NGO agencies, corporations and many institutions around the world, in healing and also in progressive education, deep ecology, raw food nutrition, organic food production, community development and sustainable architecture. He is an active environmentalist and is the former Philippine ambassador for the Global Eco-Village Network. His well-received book Conscious Trance is available in bookstores around the Philippines and soon to be found on He leads the 4-Day Infinite Inner Dance Journey, which gives people a chance to learn by experience and develop their own understanding and techniques of sharing Inner Dance with earnest seekers.

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