Retreat Guidlines

 We invite you to read the guidelines on this page so you are prepared before coming to Bahay Kalipay.
Our intention is to support your process the best we can by helping to manage your expectations of our space and programs. Our retreats and programs are our collective offering to you. Our circle of teachers, facilitators, and healing arts practitioners have come together to create an integrated transformation process that supports the body, mind, and spirit. This is supported by the holistic benefits of raw food, yoga, Innerdance, and other healing arts modalities from both the East and West as well as ancient ages and modern times.

We are a self-regulating and self-governing community. These intentions give us direction on how we are intentionally manifesting our highest potential in the space and to help ensure that we all enjoy our stay at Bahay Kalipay and allow our shared visions and purpose to flow into form.

Please only sign up for our retreats if you agree to uphold our values and rules.

Silence and Sacred Simplicity: I AM OBSERVANT. 

1. I respect the beauty of the place in its natural setting and simplicity that it brings in me.

2. I am considerate of others and respect their comfort. I respect others who are on silence and be observant of their process.


3. The main gate is closed by 10:00 PM. If I must go and have a night out, I will inform my colleague of my plan so that I can be given a key. Entrusting me with the key means that they are relying on me to lock the gate properly when I come back home. Our security will rely solely on this.

4. I will never partake in drug use, alcohol use, or smoking before/after/during my stay at Bahay Kalipay as I respect the space and I respect my body.

5. I have a key to my room, I am responsible for locking it every time I leave the space.

6. I will not keep any weapons under my possession or will I ever use in these grounds for my safety and all those around me.

Eating and Dining: I AM SENSITIVE to other

people’s needs. I take INITIATIVE.

7. The Gong located at the Dining Area is banged when it is time to eat. I choose to be on time so that we can have wonderful meals together. I wish my food to be always fresh and full of nutrients. If I am the last one to finish, I will take responsibility for bringing the remaining food to the kitchen or dining room fridge. I remind myself that we have limited staff to do all the chores.

8. After eating, I do my share and bring my plates and utensils to the wash bins and wash them straight away. I think of other people too, so I grab some serving bowls and spoon to wash as well.

9. I am respectful of my roommate’s cleansing and healing process. No food from outside will be brought in the space. I also know that even the aroma of the food encourages friendly rats and cats to go inside the room. I am aware that the staff is concerned for my wellbeing and so I’m allowing them to remove all processed foods seen in the room during cleaning time.

10. We value each one’s process in transitioning to 100% or high on a raw diet. Decisions to eat cooked meals will be respected as long as I do this outside the space. I bear in mind that we are each other’s support system and we give encouragement to those who would like to stick to a raw food diet. I am choosing not to ask someone to join me for the sake of having a companion to eat outside. I take responsibility for my own action and decision. If I need more support to be on a raw food diet, I will willingly ask for help from anyone in the community or join talks, watch videos, and read books to re-educate oneself. I will recommit to my wholeness and wellness on the first opportunity that arises.

11. Fasting and SILENCE are the best ways to beat the cravings. I will increase my green smoothie intake so more nutrients are being introduced to my body. Craving arises when there are deficiencies and toxicities. I am watchful for cravings, which are related to my emotional ups and downs. I seek help to talk about my emotional status, concerns, and process to other healers.

12. If I feel there’s a need to change my diet based on my current emotional or dietary needs, I will raise my concern to the staff or other space holders so they can properly give me feedback or I will request to change my detox/diet program rather than suppressing or resolving it on my own, which might lead to bingeing, self-sabotage or starvation.

13. I am aware that our meals are being prepared at least 1.5 hrs before the scheduled meal time. If I am unable or decide not to join at mealtime, I will advise the kitchen staff 2 hours prior, so no food will be put into waste.


Cleanliness and Orderliness: I AM LOVING MY BODY and the WHOLE SPACE.

14. I am willing to do my share of some house chores all the time. I take initiative. Every little effort is given by picking up a broom, wiping the tables after meals, setting the tables before mealtimes, putting all the things in their proper places, watering the plants, etc. will be highly helpful to the community. I check the seva chart regularly to sign up for the chore that I want to do while I am here.

15. I use the restrooms properly. I use the slippers provided to enter the toilet or bathing area so my own footwear won’t track dirt on the floors. I am welcome to buy and use my own bathroom slippers. Reminders are littered all over for its proper use. Keeping the floor dry after use and filling the bin with water are two of the most important points that I must always keep in mind.

16. Bathing areas must also be kept clean. I am bringing all disposables as I finish my shower and clean as I go. Bathroom cleaning materials are available for me to do the drying after using.

17. I am willing to clean up my own space, as there are brooms and mops outside to use. Otherwise, I will inform the staff so I can schedule room cleaning with them. I know that we have linens and bed sheets that are available upon request from the staff. We separate linens and bed sheets for guests, so I’m kind enough to ask the staff in-charge to issue another set for me when needed. My linens are my obligation to keep it always clean.

18. We keep an inventory of our things in BK and we value each one of them. We do not allow our things to be brought out of space especially books, towels, bed sheets, mosquito nets, etc. Any loss of items will be charged accordingly. I return things where I got it and ask permission before getting it.


19. Biodegradable toiletries and products are encouraged to use in the space. I have my own proper container that I can carry in and out of the T&B. I also know that my skin is the largest organ of my body, and I absorb and expel through my skin. Anything I put on it especially chemical-based products will affect my overall well-being.

20. Our reception area, 2nd-floor landing and healing hut spaces are littered with good books. I am free to read them and bring it back when I’m done. When I see things aren’t in its right place, I will gladly put it back. I inform the person-in-charge if I’m taking something away from the space.

21. Our switches are marked in red and green. Red switches are to be kept on overnight while green is to be switched off after 9:00 pm or evening session.

I’m choosing to notice and will feel free to switch the lights on or off as necessary.

22. Posted additional reminders that are made for a particular retreat are there to be followed. I am willing to make suggestions or call the space holder’s attention to share my thoughts to improve it.

23. I wear slippers/shoes/sandals where it is allowed only. I have an option to use my indoor slippers in the yoga space, dining area, reception and healing hut spaces.

24. I will dispose of my garbage properly and ask where the bins are located. I will bring my own disposables out of the space and throw it in the designated bins in town provided by the local government.

25. We have several eco-bags. I’ll bring at least one for me to use at all times to refrain from bringing plastic bags into the space. A box will be more useful.

26. I am mindful of my electricity and water consumption. I know that plugged appliances, even if they are not being used, are consuming 20%  electricity. Faucets must be shut off completely after use. If the faucet is leaking, I will inform the staff so it can be repaired in a timely manner.

General Information


Our address: Lot 38E Hagedorn Road Ext, Bgy. San Pedro, 5300, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Contact details: (+63) 9275477871 (Globe)
(In the event that your flight is delayed, please SMS/call our reception desk to inform us)

Registration & Payment


To register for a program please email us at 

Please note the booking, refund policy and payment instructions found in our registration form will be sent to you upon the finalization of your quote. To confirm your booking, you would need to make full payment 30 days before arrival in order to enjoy the discounted early bird rate. Otherwise, the regular rates will apply which you will have to pay before arrival. We accept payments by PayPal (additional 5% transaction charge) or bank transfer. 




You will have fully RAW VEGAN dishes. Enjoy our mostly nut-free, low glycemic and high on organic raw food meals designed to aid your detoxification process. Our food is always fresh and made with love. Be open to and surprised by how delicious and fulfilling raw food can be. Savour each bite with an awareness of the many different flavors set to change your perception on food. Food is indeed energy giving life force. You will be amazed at how your taste preferences change right after your cleanse process and how your body then craves fresher, nutrient-rich, live foods.

Cleanse Process


Coming to Bahay Kalipay is the start of a whole system reboot – physically, emotionally and spiritually. By the end of your program, our goal is for you to have achieved a certain level of awareness that will help you continue your cleanse routine right at home. Some personal adjustments will likely take place, usually within your first day or two, but you will smoothly sail into wholeness as you continue to eat 100% raw foods until the end of your stay. So, congratulations and thank you for taking a committed leap into your healthful expansion!


Colon Therapy (optional)

Our colon therapies are very gentle as we are introducing you to just one of the many ways to do colon irrigations. Our way, could even be done at home if ever you decided to buy your own colema board!

This therapy is included in the Deep Nature Cleanse retreat and you may have it as an add-on to other retreats.



The yoga classes you will experience can be any one of the many varieties of yoga, like Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, or Yin Yoga depending on the availability and training of our teachers. Our protocol is to customize the many poses/asanas depending on the capabilities of our students.


Bahay Kalipay Space


Bahay Kalipay is a humble household retreat and detox center. It houses a growing community of healers, teachers, and artists who live together in community. We humbly offer ourselves in service to what we teach, practice and do in our home. As a simple Filipino home within a mall banana plantation, please note that our rooms are semi-open using earth light materials. Aside from basic beddings, we provide a fan, emergency light, and mosquito net. We have shared traditional bathrooms – separate for male and female guests, using a pail & dipper or shower head. (There is running hot water in only some of our private huts, so if this is an issue for you please let us know so we can assign you the appropriate room. For hygienic and environmental purposes,  in our toilets, we have a bidet and small towels in place of toilet paper for you to dry with. If this is of concern to you, you are welcome to bring your own toilet paper).

In our space, enjoy your time getting back to the basics.

We encourage you to:

Walk barefoot, make up your own bed, lay on the hammocks, wash your own dishes, take a sunrise walk to the beach, hum with the birds, play with our resident cats and dogs, wake up with our daily chicken alarms and get surprised by wandering geckos, flying bats, sneaky squirrels and scurrying farm mice (Please, NO! bringing processed foods in the rooms).

In short, FEEL AT HOME. You also have the option to bathe outdoors (with a sarong, shorts or bathing suit) and pump your own water from the deep well. We used to do it when BK was just a few shacks. It is fun and since you will sweat while pumping water, the process is truly detoxifying!

Flight Booking Considerations


All programs aside from our Weekend Wellness Program, begin on a Monday.

If you are joining our Weekend Wellness Program, we highly advise arriving the day or night before (Thursday) to make sure you can participate in our Nature Trip day on Friday. We leave for our Nature trip at 9:30 AM, and cannot wait for late arrivals. Please take this into consideration when booking.

To give you time to finalize your itinerary and ticket for the dates you have indicated, we will be happy to hold your reservation for a duration of 5-days unless we are in our peak season. If we don’t receive confirmation from you within these next 5-days, we will cancel your reservation to entertain other inquiries; if you wish to extend the holding period, please let us know.

Visa & Immigration


Kindly note that Philippine Immigration requires a return ticket from each tourist coming into the country. The government also opened a 30-day visa upon arrival stamp for most citizens entering the country. Please feel free to verify and research immigration guidelines via the Department of Foreign Affairs or Immigration websites for updated information to maximize your visit and time around the 1,701 islands in the Philippines & 701 of which are in PALAWAN.

Tours and Travels


For your convenience, we now have our own RAWd trip options for experiencing and exploring more of Palawan! We’d be happy to assist you in finding an activity or tour that is right for you. On many of our trips and packages, we also include raw food meals and snacks for you to enjoy. We can also recommend other credible travel and tour companies or activities if you wish to be assisted in booking travels outside of our provided services.