A diet consisting primarily of raw food (sometimes referred to as rawism) is the practice of eating only uncooked, unprocessed, and generally organic whole foods.  Although the practice has been around presumably since the ‘beginning of time’, the official dietary practice that we refer to had only been officially enabled since the late 1800’s in Switzerland.

There are many benefits to incorporating raw foods into one’s diet, including personal health reasons, as well as global environmental reasons. Take a look at WebMD’s raw foodism articles to learn about some of these benefits.

Bahay Kalipay is a rarity among retreats in Asia for several reasons. Among other things, we have been a raw food pioneer in the Philippines since 2008.  Our guests and staff enjoy a consistent flow of freshly prepared meals that are served uncooked, unprocessed, and often from organic plants and vegetables. Throughout Asia, raw foodism and veganism has been a growing trend among people willing to take this dietary practice seriously.  More and more vegetarian, vegan, and even raw food restaurants and foods producers are cropping up throughout the Asian and Western world and people from all over the globe can take advantage of the many benefits of raw food and detoxification using natural foods and supplements.

Take a look at some of our programs, such as the Gentle Yoga or the Deep Nature Cleanse Detox, both of which provide our guests with three raw food meals daily, along with snacks and beverages. You can also contact us if you want to learn more.

Bahay Kalipay is glad to offer this alternative healthy lifestyle to our global community. Take a look here for more info.  Our very own volunteer filmmaker Nils has produced a great video of his experience with veganism in Taiwan. Check out the full video on its original YouTube page: Veganism in Asia – Taiwan Vegan Foods Company Documentary.