The Purvakarma Cleanse is an all-in-one retreat program that incorporates ancient Ayurvedic science with healthy, live raw foods, green smoothies, relaxing and detoxifying Abhyanga massages, colon cleanses and specialised Ayurvedic treatments based on individual body types. We combine these essential elements together to lovingly support your process towards gentle cleansing, clearing and clarity of being.

“I was a child again, comforted and assured by her motherly caresses and calming breaths. Listless in the mind-evicting and bodily wonders of Abhyanga, I remained serene and ready to receive Miss Tza’s energy (through massage). When the time came, she guided me back slowly to complete wakefulness, like a seed evolving into a tree, endowed with a vivid and indomitable spirit. Thus, at the sight of her spirited smile glowing through her, I was rest assured that everything was going to be wonderful. Thank you so much, dearest Tza.” – Amanda Rose, Boracay

Come and join us in July or October 2017!

10-18 JULY, 2017 – 5D/4N 10th – 14th July, 2017 / 9D/8N 10th – 18th July, 2017
9-17 OCTOBER, 2017 – 5D/4N 9th – 13th October, 2017 9D/8N / 9th – 17th October, 2017


52,250 Php – Early Bird Rate*
55,000 Php – Regular Rate

66,500 Php – Early Bird Rate*
70,000 Php – Regular Rate

*Early bird rate applies if payment and registration is made 30 days before arrival.
Check-in time: 9:00am / Check-out time: 4:00pm Orientation: 10:00am or 4:00pm Classes: 10:30am – 1:00pm & 3:00pm – 6:00pm



  • Personalized Ayurvedic body analysis (Tri-dosha test)
  • Detox Self-Care Kit* 100% raw Ayurvedic Vegan Diet (spiced up based on your body type!)
  • 3 Scrumptious dosha based 100% Live food meals/day
  • Daily detox & energizing drinks & snacks
  • 5 Abhyanga massage sessions
  • 1 Ayurvedic Body Scrub
  • 2 Colon Cleanse Session
  • Daily Yoga classes, meditation & pranayama (breathwork)
  • Nature Trip to Nagtabon
  •  2-way airport transfer (taxi)

*The Detox Self-Care Kit contains herbal supplements, oil pulling kit, sarong, shampoo, conditioner, sunblock, soap, anti-mozies spray and more. + Frequency of massages and colonic treatments based on duration of stay: For a 5 day retreat: 4 Abhyanga massages and 1 colonics For a 9 day retreat: 7 Abhyanga massages and 2 colonics

Why a Purvakarma Cleanse?

Purvakarma is a Sanskrit word meaning “Upfront Action”. It is designed to compliment the traditional ayurvedic Panchakarma Program, an intense and aggressive method of cleaning the body of impurities or toxins. Purvakarma is gentler but effective method, as well as preventative, an upfront action to do for health maintenance, whereas the Panchakarma is mostly done when the person is already sick and needs a radical approach, under the supervision of an ayurveda doctor. What makes the Purvakarma Cleanse different from other detox programs is the Abhyanga. Abhyanga is the traditional ayurvedic massage that uses special oils and long rhythmic strokes that is meant not only to relax but to drive the warmed oil deeper in to the body where it is able to move the toxins that are hidden deep in the muscles, the joints, and tissues, and even at the cellular level. Abhyanga literally means “loving hands” in Sanskrit. If you were in India, went to an ayurvedic clinic or practitioner and were told that you are going to receive Abhyanga, a standard term used for oil massage, this meaning would be immediately implied. As a therapist it is important to know this and it should inform the attitude we take when offering this service. Traditionally, Abhyanga is offered in a variety of ways and is usually followed by keeping the body warm in some way for 10-20 minutes. In the treatment offered here, this is accomplished by keeping the client covered after the completion of the massage for a period of 10-20 minutes, to allow the oils to penetrate deeper. A warm shower will then be taken.


It is often thought in massage, that oil is used for the purpose of creating enough slip to get from point A to point B. However, the quality of oil and what it mobilises in the body to detoxify and rejuvenate is what matters. You are literally feeding the body oil through the pores. Consequently, what you choose as an oil is critical. Beyond the obvious mechanical results that can come from easing someone’s pain by working on their muscles and tissues using Baby Oil or Mineral Oils or lotions, we see no other benefits. If done too frequently we would say that such poor quality or inappropriate oils and lotions can create more toxicity than they help to release. Thus, while your strokes and styles will probably be what gives you rave reviews with your clients initially, in ayurvedic terms, when it comes to Abhyanga, they are almost of secondary importance.

The star of the show in Abhyanga is the oil. The oil is handmade by a local Herbalist, with organic materials. The carrier oil is Extra Virgin coconut oil and it is medicated with Neem oil. Neem tree in Ayurveda is regarded as a “One Tree Pharmacy”, due to its several medicinal uses. Neem is a very unique tree and Neem leaves are the most complex leaves on the planet. The Neem tree has over 130 different biologically active compounds. It is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-aging are just some of its healing properties. It is anti-bacterial, stimulates the immune system, and encourages rapid healing. Having said all that, incorporating Bahay Kalipay’s Raw Food expertise, and BK’s Nutritionist’s professional knowledge, to come up with ayurvedic meals depending on the client’s Dosa, makes Purvakarma Cleanse Program different from other detox program.

Additional (if applicable):

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  • For PayPal payments, add 5% of the total amount

Optional (please add to total bill if applicable):

  • Private room/huts: please enquire for rates and availability

The rates we are currently offering are early bird discounted rates and are valid if you make full payment 30 days before arrival – otherwise regular rates apply. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to proceed to make a booking by emailing