Yoga Plays a Significant Role in Bettering the Lives of the Elderly

Elderly persons are more susceptible to ailments and this is where the application of yogic therapy creeps in. Yoga can cause immense benefit to people including elderly ones as well. One of the best yogic therapies that elderly individuals can contemplate to practice is deep breathing. Deep breathing plays a significant role in increasing blood flow within human body. It is always a good practice to take three deep breaths before commencing with the daily yogic exercises.

Elderly persons suffering from Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, rheumatism and incontinence can expect to gain considerable relief by practicing yoga exercises on a regular basis. Apart from Yoga, elderly persons can contemplate to practice other forms of mild exercises including brisk walking and jogging as well.

Prime Benefits Associated with Practice of Yoga For Elderly People

Yoga plays an instrumental role in preventing as well as gaining control over emotional problems and common health problems too. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can go a long way in helping elderly individuals to develop a positive approach towards life. A few of the Yoga Asanas play an instrumental role in normalizing blood pressure as well as normalizing nervous system too.

Breathing techniques play a major role in refreshing air passages as well as gaining relief from respiratory ailments too. One must realize the fact that while practicing Yoga, it is necessary to adhere to a few precautionary measures as well. It is not a wise decision to push oneself hard while practicing yoga. It is always advisable not to push oneself to the extreme limits while practicing a particular pose as it can cause severe negative effects as well.

One must bear in mind that Yoga can prove to be beneficial only if in the case one practices it in an appropriate manner. There exists greater chance of exposing oneself to injury if in the case one puts in extra and unnecessary effort. If in the case an individual feels pain then it is advisable to stop practicing Yoga. It is always a good option to stop practicing yoga as soon as one feels tired.

Common Yogic Exercises

A few of the yogic exercises elderly individuals can always contemplate to practice are as highlighted below:
• Wind Relieving Pose
• Double Leg Raises
• Easy Pose
• Locust Pose
• Downward Dog Pose
• Kapalabhati

The practice of Yoga is beneficial as it plays a significant role in relaxing human mind and awakening human soul as well. One can always gain access to various yoga instruction books if in the case an individual desires to learn more about Hatha, Kundalini, Bikram as well as other forms of yoga exercises as well. It is always a good idea to listen to the CDs of yoga music as one can expect the spirit of a concerned individual to improve further. Elderly persons as well as yoga devotees can experience greater consciousness too by practicing these exercises on a regular and timely basis.

Apart from the elderly people, yoga will suit individuals of every age group.

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