To you, the one on the journey towards your Higher Self, we’ve written this for you.

In our dreams, myths, and legends, sanctuary is that place we chance upon, mystically imbued with energies and messages from a place beyond our sight.

In real life, sometimes sanctuary can simply be that place where one person found his healing – and then another, and then another.

This is the story of Bahay Kalipay, one of the first yoga retreats and detox centers in the Philippines. In its home in Palawan, Bahay Kalipay has been a sanctuary for people from all over the world for nearly a decade now and still, its birthing story is one that asks to be told. Why must we go back to the beginning? Because the story of Bahay Kalipay is living, breathing truth that healing can manifest into more healing.

And if healing was able to manifest a whole sanctuary, what can healing do for you?

The land Bahay Kalipay’s humble huts stand on now used to be a lot filled with garbage and dead corals. After emerging from a five-year quest of his own, Pi Villaraza instead saw was a space where healing energy was waiting to be awakened and used. Much like his work with spreading the power of inner dance all over the world, Pi settled in and tended to the seed of love he saw here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Just as a seed grows organically, Daniw Arrazola joined in and adopted Bahay Kalipay as a child of her own, establishing a simple raw food kitchen that is now one of the trademarks of this self-sustainable place of transformation. All of this happened in the mid-2000s and now, many other healers, artists, farmers, chefs, and seekers have stepped into the circle too, to create a community where self-ascension and freedom come first.

Individual people arriving and adding in their own experiences and energies of flow, transformation, letting go and surrender — this is how Bahay Kalipay’s sanctuary was built, this is how it continues to grow.

The healing energy of each and every person who steps into Bahay Kalipay comes together to become the same healing energy that will help you on your own journey – should you chose to start.

Given its grounded power and its proximity to places of natural beauty, such as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River, Honda Bay, and Nagtabon Beach… it is easy to think of Bahay Kalipay as part of Palawan’s last frontier of simplicity. You could also think of it as a place where the road back to simplicity begins.


Nagtabon Beach

Bahay Kalipay is one of the most low cost healing spaces you can find in the archipelago, and in the rest of Asia. Our vision is for all to remember our own basic goodness, through deep healing and understanding. We believe this is a process that everyone should be able to reach, whatever life may have thrown their way.

In our House of Happiness, we’d like you to find the healing modalities that work for you, be it yoga, a detox, raw food, veganism, a colon cleanse, an Ayurvedic massage, inner dance juicing, fasting, or perhaps simply being close to nature. These words are not just labels for things you can try. These words represent vast worlds you can find yourself in – all different kinds of yoga, all different raw food styles to discover, all different versions of you that you’ll unearth in inner dance. It can go on and on. Bahay Kalipay, its energy and its space holders are here to give you the space to go on that exploration within.


We are blessed to be living in a time when the world’s eye is turning more and more towards more conscious, rooted ways of living. We are even happier to know that in the Philippines, the energies of Bahay Kalipay added to this initial shift into mindfulness. There are many places where you can find healing in the islands of the Philippines.

If our commitment to earth, authenticity, and allowing calls to you, we’ll see you soon.

Whether or not you decide to join us and own your process of transformation today or in the next year, know that reading this is the Universe knocking on your door, reminding you of this — deep healing always manifests and creates the most beautiful things. There is proof of this everywhere, Bahay Kalipay is just one of them.

You are your own first, in that you can trust.