Would you like to awaken the courage and fearlessness within you to keep up with whatever life sends your way? Acting courageously means acting even though you may be afraid. How do you rise above the occasion and let your inner radiance shine? How do you manifest – in a moment’s notice — courage and strength to cut through the negativity and exceed your own expectations. Join us for a 3-day Retreat with Rosan Cruz Kundalini Yoga and Meditation especially designed to awaken the warrior within to help you surmount obstacles real or imaginary, overcome barriers perceived or otherwise and dissolve frustrations today and always!


3D2N Kundalini Yoga Retreat: Awaken the Warrior Within (12,500p)
100% Raw Vegan Diet
(nut free • gluten free • low glycemic • raw gourmet)
green smoothie drinks•guilt-free dessert•detoxifying/energizing drinks
3 scrumptious 100% live food meals/day
3D2N shared accomodation (private rooms available at an upgrade cost)
Kundalini Yoga Retreat programme with Rosan Cruz

Email us at bahaykalipayretreats@gmail.com for more details or to reserve your slot!
About Rosan Cruz
Manila, , Philippines - Yoga+ company shoot of staff, instructors and board members; shot at Bulb Studio, Makati.

Rosan found solace healing in yoga, leading her to now pursue yoga professionally as a means to heal others. She teaches Kundalini Yoga regularly and loves how the ancient technology of the practice goes beyond the physicality of the poses and awakens the practitioner spiritually. The practice consists of postures with special breathing, hand and finger gestures, body locks, chanting, and meditation, together or in sequence to create an exact and specific effect to address a health concern or emotional issue. Her experience of healing through Yoga was transformative in a holistic sense, and this is what her students will experience in her classes.
Rosan completed her Level 1 Teacher Training under Guru Dass Khalsa at the International College of Kundalini Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. Guru Dass is a direct student of Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga) and Ramesh Balsekar (Advata). In February 2015, she finished her Level 2 Module on Stress and Vitality under Gurumukh Khaur Khalsa in Rishikesh, India. Gurumukh is also a direct student of Yogi Bhajan. She is currently completing her Level 2 Module on Conscious Communication. She also teaches Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga.




“Over the 3 days Rosan took us through a process of acknowledging the emotion, ones that we all have repressed and provided us with a safe place to bring things to the surface. It was challenging at times but the release was very clear. We worked on opening the heart chakra and after the 3rd class I was able to openly communicate things with my partner that I had held back from sharing. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to attending more classes with Rosan.” – Susan Brandstetter“I never attended a yoga class before until I found Kundalini in summer of 2014. Truthfully, kundalini yoga found me during the time when all things are disequilibrium. I began a daily practice and my energy began to transform swiftly. I found balance and does awaken energy within the body that strengthen my awareness. Kundalini yoga changed my life impressively. My practice of kundalini yoga has made me healthier and more intimate. Thanks to Guru Rosan for sharing with me this technology. It made such huge difference to my life. An amazing journey that I would love to practice for the rest of my life.” – Jenny Eizaguirre-Taningco

In addition to the Yoga Wellness Program, main activities within the 3 days may include:

  • Raw food discussion and demonstration and raw food documentatires
  • Energy work/breathwork/meditation
  • Inner Dance sessions
  • Yoga discourse
  • Rites and rituals
  • Workshops and other healing art offerings by visiting BK teachers

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Partially-solar powered eco rooms with fan
  • Shared eco-toilet and bath
  • Library, video screening, art and hammock reading areas
  • Common workshop area for groups
  • Labyrinth
  • Open sandy space for individual meditation/practice, rituals
  • Wi-fi (according to the whims of trees and wind)
  • Beach within short walking distance

Day Services: (charged separately):

  • Energy bodywork
  • BK trifecta massage
  • Detox massage with medicinal oils
  • Deep nature body scrub
  • Nature trips: Underground River tour, Honda Bay visit, city tour, firefly watching, dolphin watching, whale shark watching, seasonal activities, etc.
  • For a full list, please click here.

At times, we have visiting teachers/facilitators who offer healing exchanges by donation or other forms of energy exchange.

For inquiries, click here. We will happily send you additional details when we receive your formal inquiry. Thank you.