Facilities & Amenities

Bahay Kalipay is an intimate ashram style space where guests, teachers, and facilitators make themselves at home. Some of our independent structures include Issa Hut with double bedrooms and the Ma-I common space, our personal Dap-ay “beach,” the Healing Arts hut we call, Pugad ng Diwata, and Kalipay Café, which is also open to the general public for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by reservation.

Accommodations include private couples cabin, family rooms, and individual rooms for our guests, which are almost always retreatants. We have a daily onsite staff of kitchen personnel, guest relations and retreat facilitators, and offer daily housekeeping as requested, and as-needed laundry services. Guests of Bahay Kalipay can take advantage of our gentle detox, deep cleanse program of raw food, yoga classes, workshops, spa services and more.

Private Huts

Our private huts available to guests include:

Issa Hut: Shared Hut with two private rooms (double bed), one living room, one balcony, and bathroom with hot and cold shower.
Ulan: Single Hut with private bathroom – hot and cold shower, and balcony with a hammock.
Daloy: Single Hut with a private bathroom, balcony, and hammock.
Dahon & Sinag: Family Huts: Bunk Bed – double bed on the bottom, and single bed on top, private bathroom, balcony, and hammock.
Ulap: Single Hut with balcony.

Shared Rooms

Aside from our private huts, and included in our program packages, is our shared dormitory style accommodation. These rooms include:

Bahaghari: Shared room with two beds (same-sex room only).
Araw Hut (Level 1 & 2): Shared room with a maximum of 6 beds on level one, and 6 beds on level 2.

Ma-I Space

The second floor split-level room is a large inner dance space designed to provide conditions for healing, silent and insightful spiritual practice. This is where personal early morning meditations are held, as well as yoga classes, and in the afternoons and evenings, inner dance sessions, workshops and other gatherings. 

Pugad ng Diwata “Healing Hut”

Referred to the “nest” in English, is where our spa treatments take place.

All massages and spa treatments can be found on our Day Services page. 

Dap-ay Island

Our little backyard beach. In the mornings, the functional sandy zen garden  is a venue for tea and yoga. In the afternoons, the garden is  used for soulwork workshops and earth healing. And in the evening, it has hosted bonfires, star and moon gazing, drum circles, tribal ceremonies, singing, fire dancing, and cozy conversation.

Dining Room

It is here we enjoy our creatively-prepared raw, organic, vegan cuisine using quality ingredients sourced from certified local producers. Any outside guests who wish to join us for a meal and experience Bahay Kalipay are welcome to join, we simply ask you to call and reserve your place 3-hours in advance. 

Meal Times are:

Breakfast: 9 AM
Smoothie: 11 AM
Lunch: 1 PM
Raw food snack: 3 PM
Dinner: 6 PM

Labyrinth & Library

Our labyrinth, a circuitous path used for walking meditations, enables one to quiet the mind, open the heart, and grounds the body.  Often used for spiritual practices, and a tool to find healing, creativity, and a sense of wholeness.

Our library situated within the labyrinth is a place where guests can come to relaax, unwind, and learn. With a diverse range of books theres something fo everyone. 

Reception & Sinag Earth Store

The hub of Bahay Kalipay where our lovely staff can help you with any questions or queries, bookings of treatments or tours, and much more.

Sinag Earth Store has all your needs to needs covered with food items, supplements, clothing, eco-friendly beauty products, body care items, and much more!

Wifi Hut

Whether you want to check-in or your loved ones via the internet, sit and read a book, relax with your new-found friends, or simply sit and meditate, this is the perfect place to come.