The road to healing can be taken in many different ways, through paths that intersect and weave and become more interconnected by the day.

As people who are continuously on our own journeys towards freedom, we have all tried different healing modalities, in different places, in different times. But if you asked us what would be best for you, the best answer we could give you would be: What do you think is best for you?

Here at Bahay Kalipay we share with you healing arts and practices that resonate with all kinds of energy – each one leaves you with a different energetic effect on the mind, body, and spirit. How will you know which one is for you? First, by knowing what energy you’re bringing to the space – and then figuring out what energy you’d like to leave with.

If you’re new to this path of inner work and self-development, we know it can be overwhelming. Yes, we’ve definitely been there. And so, though the answer will still need to come from you, here’s an intuitive guide on our healing services at Bahay Kalipay that can maybe jump start your process of self-inquiry.

If you’re coming in with scattered, excited, or anxious energy and would like to leave with clarity, calm, and bliss


One of the many we offer – Ashtanga Yoga.

YOGA is a good idea for you. Through asana (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga with the community can slow down any fast energy you’re coming in with. An hour and a half of simply being with your body in the presence of other calm beings can soften the mind. A yoga practice will also bring you face to face with any tension or trauma you’ve stored in the body, in a meeting of acceptance and release. The word Yoga means to yoke or to unite – through the clarity that yoga can bring, we are preparing for Union with our highest self.
If you’re coming in with confused tired energy, you simply do not know what to do anymore and would like to leave with rest, a sense of being cared for, and a kind knowledge of what’s been going on underneath the surface


Try REIKI. Reiki connects us to the universal god energy. “Rei,” means God’s wisdom or higher power, and “Ki,” means energy. This Japanese healing technique helps bring back balance into our chakras, the energy centers of our body, releasing energy where it is blocked and reviving energy where it is stagnant. These chakras relate to our rootedness, our creativity, our willpower, our heart, our truth, our inner wisdom, and our connection to the Divine. Finding balance through Reiki’s gentle guiding hand returns us to our innate alignment – a place of  love, peace, self-healing and gratitude. This intuitive bodywork is grounded on healing touch.
If you’re coming in with a feeling of lacking control or having a great need for control and would like to leave with feeling as if you are in flow


Perhaps a QI GONG or a TAI CHI class may help you. Both of these focus on mindfulness – drawing out a series of forms for posture, allowing the body to move in lines and and flowing with the breath from one movement to the next. Here we can learn how to flow and we can realize that flowing creates beauty and calm – more than control ever could. These forms of movement meditation gives us the chance to learn to be in the now, first through our bodies.
If you’re coming in with a feeling of tiredness, imbalance, and confusion in the physical body and would like to leave with a refreshing sense of balance and newness with the body


Get an ABHYANGA WHOLE BODY MASSAGE. Abhyanga is a gentle, full body cleansing massage that combines healing touch, warm oils and herbs to bring you back to a sense of well-being. You deserve to be friends with the body you live in, and the body you live in deserves to feel renewed and energized. Abhyanga utilizes techniques based on traditional Ayurvedic principles of  the Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – with the idea of bringing you back to your body’s true Dosha or state.  
If you’re coming in with a feeling of being neglected and uncared for and would like to leave with a sense of being pampered

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We have different BODY CARE OFFERINGS you can gift yourself with. You can try a Therapeutic Trifecta Massage, a Detox Massage with medicinal oils, a Body Scrub, a Deep Nature Body Scrub, and a Mask and Polish. There’s absolutely no shame in indulging. This is the way we care for ourselves.
If you’re coming in with a feeling of being disconnected from the earth, from basic goodness, and from your own truth and would like to leave with a close experience in nature, believing, knowing, and seeing that you are connected to everything all the time


Go to MAIA EARTH VILLAGE for a daytrip. A short drive away from Bahay Kalipay, Maia is our sister eco-village. Much farther away from the center, here you’ll be able to spend the day in peace and quiet, eating coconuts, hiking the different heights of the village, and simply communing with nature. After, you can go on a humble, raw food picnic in nearby Nagtabon beach. If you’d like to go deeper, feel free to stay overnight.
If you’re coming in with a deep yearning for healing, remembering truths you’ve buried, and connecting to a deep part of yourself  and would like to leave with an expanded awareness of yourself and the subconscious, and deep life-changing release…


Let your courage take you to a ONE-ON-ONE INNER DANCE session. Inner Dance is a movement meditation – a unique form of guided deep meditation in motion, where your consciousness expands, and powerful yet gentle energy streams into your mind, heart and finally the body. Inner Dance will be as effective as you are willing to receive. Come into it with an open heart and a whole new world and understanding of yourself could emerge – you’ll be given insight, inspiration and balance. At the end of the session, you will reintegrate by journaling and healing discussion.

The best advice we can give you? Know what energy you’re coming with and know what you would like to leave with.

Perhaps it’s just one modality. Perhaps it’s a combination of a few. Feel free to explore and even be playful with discovering what works for you. It’s meant to be a journey.

Whatever it is, know that you deserve this gift. Healing has been waiting for you all along.


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