Come join us for a relaxed weekend at the Bahay Kalipay Detox Retreat Centre with Midwife Isa to understand more about you and your newborn. In this workshop, be empowered with the right knowledge to understanding more about your body, gentle birthing techniques, pre and post pregnancy care and many other activities! Women are welcomed to join this retreat on their own or to bring their partners along.

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 “I’m so grateful that Isabel prepared and supported me with her knowledge and patience during this process of transormation from a woman to a mother. I could trust in my body and I will never loose my self confidence and pride, that I experienced just after giving birth, again.” – Janina Heldt


 4D3N / 3D2N Birthing Retreat*
(Starts from Php10,350)


 Birthing workshop program materials
4D3N Stay / 3D2N Stay
Daily Yoga & Qigong sessions
Green Smoothie Drinks • Guilt-Free Dessert • Detoxifying, Energizing & Balancing Drinks
3 Scrumptious 100% Live Food Meals/day
Room-sharing Accommodation (private room upgrades available, please enquire)
Airport Transfer (2 way)
Nature Trip to Nagtabon Beach (optional)

All about Natural & Gentle Birthing (includes home, water, full lotus birth)
Birth Movements
Pregnancy gymnastics & exercise
Birth Breathing Flow
Fall in love with your baby
Breastfeeding & Post-partal Care
Water Watsu @ Nagtabon Beach

*3D2N packages available

“To give birth out of my own strength and with the feeling that everybody in this room supports me was a life changing experience!”  – Isbael Haedrich


25 – 27 September 2015: Birthing Workshop
28 September 2015: Beach Day (optional)



 Day 1 (Friday): Introduction to Birthing (2.30pm – 5.30pm)

After lunch, Isa will go through the following topics in depth: “What is birth?”, What it means to give birth, What are the best positions to give birth, Different stages of birth and hormonal changes, All about contractions. Evening movie screening on orgasmic or micro birth.

Day 2 (Saturday): Hands-on Play & Relaxation! (7am – 5.30pm)

We will start the day with some light yoga and qigong to promote circulation. The following activities and topics will be discussed in depth: Pregnancy gymnastics, Pain management, Birth movements, How water birthing works (demo), Massage sessions, Breathing and Relaxation techniques.

Day 3 (Sunday): Fall in love with your baby – Post-partal Care (7am – 5.30pm)

What to do during first contact with the baby, Bonding, Birth of placenta, umbilical cord management, lotus birth, breast feeding, skin to skin contact, looking after and stitching lacerations (if necessary), What to do post-partum period, Roles of everybody during home birth, What to do during an emergency. Evening movie screening/sharing.

Day 4 (Monday): Beach Day (Optional)

Easy going trip to the Nagtabon beach with breathwork and relaxation exercises in the water. Participants will also go through a creative letter writing session for their baby and/or husband.

To register, please email or call +63 (0) 9174322586 for more details! To keep the group intimate, this workshop is limited to 18 participants (including couples and singles). Sign up now!


 Bahay Kalipay Detox Retreat Centre
Lot 38E Hagedorn Road Ext, Bgy. San Pedro, 5300, Puerto Princessa, Philippines
(Direct flights from Manila or Cebu to Puerto Princessa)

About Bahay Kalipay Retreat Centre

Dap-ay-005 v2

In the Philippines, Bahay means house, as Kalipay is the Filipino word for happiness.  We have long dreamed of this, a happy house of people living in the spontaneous moment, in authentic togetherness, trust-filled in the presence of what is sacred and simple in the nature that surrounds us.

Bahay Kalipay is a humble household retreat and detox centre located within a quiet and humble banana plantation in Puerto Princessa, Palawan. We house a growing community of healers, teachers and artists who live, heal and grow together within this space.

As a simple Filipino home built in a natural setting, please note that our environmentally conscious rooms are semi-open due to the use of earth light materials.This simple, unassuming center has influenced the world in simple yet powerful ways.

It is difficult to speak of the living memory of the thousands of visitors and residents whom have blessed the space with their love and their light.  The tremendous transformation processes that have happened here are forever cast on the foundations of this place we lovingly call the Temple of Trust. We are honored by every singly presence that have graced these humble hallways of healing.

For more information on our space, visit or

 About Isabel


Over 9 years of midwifery experience in Germany, Guatemala and Philippines

  • Supported over 500 births since 2006
  • Trained and internationally certified midwife from Germany
  • Diploma in Social Worker (specializing in family care)
  • Worked under the mentorship of a well-known midwife and CNN hero of the year, Ibu Robin at her Bumi Wadah Birth Centre, Leyte, Philippines
  • Midwifery training in German hospital and supported a holistic birth centre in Germany
  • CPR certified

Isabel is an internationally certified midwife trained in Germany and has an extensive skillset of over 9 years. She is deeply passionate about the gentle birthing process and has been empowering women to trust their intuitive understanding of the body and to be more involved and feel into their child’s birthing process without medication.

Isabel has since supported over 500 home births without any medical support since 2006 and continues to be of support to mothers wherever she goes.

Isabel also holds a Diploma in Social Work has been travelling in the Philippines for almost a year now and has recently worked under the mentorship of Ibu Robin, a well-known midwife and CNN hero of the year. Isa loves travelling and enjoys sharing knowledge on birthing and making healthy green smoothies in her overseas long term stays in Spain, Costa Rica, Indonesia, India, France, Malaysia, and Philippines. Isabel is also multi-lingual and speaks fluent English, German, French and Spanish. Other than her passion in empowering women, Isabel is also deeply passionate in advocating gentle birth, water birth and breast feeding to mothers and mothers to be. Her authenticity and light hearted nature never fails to put a smile and ease in everyone she meets!

To register, please email or call +63 (0) 9174322586 for more details! To keep the group intimate, this workshop is limited to a total of 20 participants.


What is a midwife?

A professional who is there to give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period, to conduct births on the midwife’s own responsibility and to provide care for the newborn and the infant. (The International Confederation of Midwives)

How is natural birth any different than in a hospital?

Women have been giving birth the natural way for many centuries and natural birth allows nature to take its own course without medications which may affect your labor, blood pressure and senses. Many women are now opting for natural birth in order to be more in touch with their birth experience and their baby.