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Art of Living retreat is a ten day self-transformational retreat on the beautiful beaches of Palawan, Philippines. Art of Living retreats were developed on the belief that Happiness and Health are our birthright and on a commitment to share life hacks to reclaim them. Only when we know ourselves and are whole inside can we live a life on Purpose, resting assured that every step of the way forward is in alignment with our body mind and spirit. Finding this harmony makes life an incredible adventure of bliss, removing any stress, anxiety, discomfort and unclarity that may be fogging our vision. Sometimes it just takes that one step to change your life.

Every day you will be encouraged to try new things; explore previously unimaginable territories as you dive deep into the great philosophical questions of time. We are bringing together diverse experiences, new knowledge, and evoking new sensations through a multidisciplinary approach. Perspectives honouring and inclusive of cultural, indigenous, native and traditional spirituality will be introduced along with new science and research findings to allow a comprehensive discovery. Together these experiences will allow you to get back onto your life path with purpose and joy.

raw food retreat

10D9N Art of Living Retreat (Php119,180*)

All-in-one package inclusions
10 days / 9 nights accommodation
Van airport transfer (2 way)
3 organic nutritious meals per day
Daily smoothie
Daily yoga & pranayama class with Bianca Kempe
Daily guided meditation
Inner Dance
Chi Gong
Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage
Detox Massage
Habit course
Human flow workshop
Farming & gardening
Cooking class
Nutrition workshop
Community service
Human Design assessment
Nature walks
Snorkeling at Honda Bay
Underground river tour
Fire fly watching excursion

Optional inclusions (View our day services here)
Extend your stay (contact us)
Therapeutic Massage
Detox Oil Massage
Body Scrub
Ayurveda Treatments
Tai Chi Classes
Guided Inner Dance Session
Reiki Session

*Early bird rate. Register before 6 January 2016

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Jose Reynoso

Jose is a regenerative foods chef and adventure enthusiast. His focus is on body detoxification and cellular regeneration through food, herbs and movement. He believes that in order to connect to one’s authentic self the body has to eliminate all the toxicity that has accumulated throughout the years due to a food industry full of chemicals and metals. Just as important, he believes that connecting with nature is an essential part of a whole and balanced life. We’ve been raised in a nature deficit society that has disconnected us from our greatest source of energy, the Earth. His mission is to help people reconnect with nature. He does this by introducing people to adventure sports and taking them into the outdoors on various excursions. He believes adventure sports help push through self imposed boundaries of fear that when overcome can impact life even outside of the sport.

Bianca Kempe

After spending some time working in the finance industry, Bianca realized that this path was neither fulfilling nor allowing her to wake up every morning feeling happy and alive. This is when she began her spiritual journey and made a committment to live a life from her heart. She shifted her life course and started on a path more in tune with her inherent gifts and true nature. Today Bianca is a yogi and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of a Vancouver based social enterprise called Doze City, an organization that brings together the community in various community service events. At the moment she lives and travels throughout Southeast Asia sharing the yoga practice, surfing, gardening and cooking delicious and healthy food. She believes everyone has a unique gift within and it is our purpose in life to realize this gift and share it with the world.  Her greatest joy comes from holding space for individuals to go through their own transformation, to truly discover the divinity within themselves.

In addition to the program details of the Art of Living Retreat, other activities during your stay may include:

  • Raw food talk, demo, preparation and video presentation
  • Morning detox routine
  • Yoga/breathwork/meditation
  • Energy work
  • Inner Dance healing sessions
  • Rites and rituals
  • Workshops and other healing art offerings by visiting BK teachers

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Partially-solar powered eco rooms with fan
  • Shared eco-toilet and bath
  • Library, video screening, art and hammock reading areas
  • Common workshop area for groups
  • Labyrinth
  • Open sandy space for individual meditation/practice, rituals
  • Wi-fi (according to the whims of trees and wind)
  • Beach within short walking distance