Life’s Course is a part I of a Biography Work weekend seminar based on Anthroposophy. It will integrate Eurythmy, an art form that can be described as “visible speech and visible song.” Participants will individually work on their life experiences, search for patterns that may lead to the realization of the essentials for the present self. This can then give clarity to what needs to be undertaken so that the future can unfold aligned to one’s real intentions.



Coupled with Eurythmy will be Yoga, relishing Plant-based Food and other holistic activities. We wish to welcome everyone to this healing weekend in our new venue, Bahay Kalipay Mountain Retreat.
This 3-day retreat will be on April 16-18 at the highest hill top in the City with 360 degrees panoramic view of sea and mountains, which will allow for beholding both Sunrise and Sunset.



The retreat hopes that, at the end, participants would have been helped by a more in-depth appreciation of their lives and can then go forward into the future with greater clarity. As life unfolds and one continues to write one’s biography, the tools given during the retreat will prove useful. A deepening workshop (Biography II) at any time later may be wanted or not.
Open to all adults, at least in their end twenties, especially those who are soul-searching, feeling empty, dissatisfied, are at a crossroad in their lives, or wish to explore new directions.


What you need to bring :

We will take care of the materials for the biography work, but you may opt to bring your preferred art materials (colored pencils/crayons). You may wish to bring your diaries.


For the eurythmy, it is advisable that one is in comfortable clothing; anyone sensitive to the cold floor is advised to bring gym shoes (something like kungfu shoes, ideally with rubber soles that will allow for a good grip of the floor; socks with rubber nubs on the soles will work well too). Otherwise, one can also go barefoot (really not advisable though when doing eurythmy on cement/tile floor).



We will share these with you when you take the initial step to send your inquiry form via facebook page