General Retreat Guidelines

We invite you to read the guidelines on this page so you are prepared before coming to Bahay Kalipay.
Our intention is to support your process the best we can by helping to manage your expectations of our space and programs. Our retreats and programs are our collective offering to you. Our circle of teachers, facilitators and healing arts practitioners have come together to create an integrated transformation process that supports the body, mind and spirit. This is supported by the holistic benefits of raw food, yoga, inner dance and other healing arts modalities from both the East and West as well as ancient ages and modern times.

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General Information

Our address: Lot 38E Hagedorn Road Ext, Bgy. San Pedro, 5300, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Contact details: (+63) 9275477871 (Globe)
(In the event that your flight is delayed, please sms/call our reception desk to inform us)

Registration & Payment

To register for a program please email us at or send us an enquiry via our contact form.

Please note the booking, refund policy and payment instructions found in our registration form will be sent to you upon the finalization of your quote. To confirm your booking, you would need to make full payment 30 days before arrival in order to enjoy the discounted early bird rate. Otherwise the regular rates will apply which you will have to pay before arrival. We accept payments by PayPal (additional 5% transaction charge) or bank transfer. Please send any additional questions you may have to our contact us page.



You will have fully RAW VEGAN dishes. Enjoy our mostly nut-free, low glycemic and high on organic raw food meals designed to aid your detoxification process. Our food is always fresh and made with love. Be open to and surprised by how delicious and fulfilling raw food can be. Savor each bite with an awareness of the many different flavors set to change your perception on food. Food is indeed an energy giving life force. You will be amazed at how your taste preferences change right after your cleanse process and how your body then craves fresher, nutrient rich, live foods.

Cleanse Process

Coming to Bahay Kalipay is the start of a whole system reboot – physically, emotionally and spiritually. By the end of your program, our goal is for you to have achieved a certain level of awareness that will help you continue your cleanse routine right at home. Some personal adjustments will likely take place, usually within your first day or two, but you will smoothly sail into wholeness as you continue to eat 100% raw foods until the end of your stay. So, congratulations and thank you for taking a committed leap into your healthful expansion!

Colon Therapy (optional)

Our colon therapies are very gentle as we are introducing you to just one of the many ways to do colon irrigations. Our way, could even be done at home if ever you decided to buy your own colema board! Currently, our colon therapies take place outside the retreat center, administered by experienced therapists. This therapy is included in the Deep Nature Cleanse retreat and you may have it as an add-on to other retreats. 


The yoga classes you will experience can be any one of the many varieties of yoga, like Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, or Yin Yoga depending on the availability and training of our teachers. Our protocol is to customize the many poses/asanas depending on the capabilities of our students.

Bahay Kalipay Space

Bahay Kalipay is a humble household retreat and detox center. It houses a growing community of healers, teachers and artists who live together in community. We humbly offer ourselves in service to what we teach, practice and do in our home. As a simple Filipino home within a mall banana plantation, please note that our rooms are semi-open using earth light materials. Aside from basic beddings, we provide a fan, emergency light and mosquito net. We have shared traditional bathrooms – separate for male and female guests, using only a pail & dipper. (There is no running hot water, but being in a tropical country, water from our taps is actually very refreshing! For hygienic and environmental purposes, we provide small towels for you to dry with instead of using toilet paper, although you are welcome to bring your own roll.

Article on traditional pail & dipper bathing system: Pail & Dipper Bathing 
Article related our no tissue paper policy: Toilet Paper Policy 

In our space, enjoy your time coming back to basics! We encourage you to: walk barefoot, water the plants, make up your own bed, lay on the hammocks, wash your own dishes, take a sunrise walk to the beach, hum with the birds, play with our resident cat, wake up with daily chicken alarms and get surprised by wandering geckos, flying bats, sneaky squirrels and scurrying farm mice (Please, NO! bringing of outside processed foods in the rooms; and yes, screaming is appropriate and encouraged!)

In short, FEEL AT HOME. You also have the option to bathe outdoors (with a sarong, shorts or bathing suit) and pump your own water from the deep well. We used to do it when BK was just a few shacks. It is fun and since you will sweat while pumping water, the process is truly detoxifying! 

Flight Booking considerations

Fridays are usually reserved for our Nature Trip day when we bring guests to our Eco Village, Maia Earth, and the nearby white sand beach for a day of picnicking, nature and swimming. Wednesdays are Silent Coconut FeAST days for us. Join a qualifying program* before these days if you wish to fully participate in them. To give you time to finalize your itinerary and ticket for the dates you have indicated, we will be happy to hold your reservation for a duration of 5-days. If we don’t receive confirmation from you within these next 5-days, we will cancel your reservation to entertain other inquiries; if you wish to extend the holding period, please let us know.

*All programs scheduled for 5 days or longer have the Friday Nature Trip included in the cost of the program. If you are on a 5 day program and would like to avail of the Nature Trip Day, please make your booking accordingly. 3 day programs DO NOT include a Nature Trip but add-on trips are available.

Visa & Immigration

Kindly note that Philippine Immigration requires a return ticket from each tourist coming into the country. The government also opened a 30-day visa upon arrival stamp for most citizens entering the country. Please feel free to verify and research immigration guidelines via the Department of Foreign Affairs or Immigration websites for updated information to maximize your visit and time around the 1,701 islands in the Philippines & 701 of which are in PALAWAN.

Tours and Travels

For your convenience, we now have our own RAWd trip options for experiencing and exploring more of Palawan! We’d be happy to assist you in finding an activity or tour that is right for you. On many of our trips and packages, we also include raw food meals and snacks for you to enjoy. We can also recommend other credible travel and tour companies or activities if you wish to be assisted booking travels outside of our provided services. Thank you dear one and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.