Women’s Weekend Satsang


Aug 10th – 12th


Course Fee:

With accommodation:

Regular Price: P20,630 (340 Euros)

Direct Booking from our website P19,600 (320 Euros)  


Without accommodation and dinner:

Regular Price: P16,600
Direct Booking from our website: P15,770



About The Retreat

In our world of accelerated change the time to gather together as women in community has come. Each one sharing their wisdom of life experience. No competition, no-comparison; only authentic connection in ways that we know, understand and crave, yet seemingly have forgotten. Creativity, Sexuality, Spirituality…all divinely Feminine attributes that have been suppressed not only by external sources but by our own fears and expectations. It’s time to allow our true wisdom to emerge from the shadows through the support of this sacred circle.

For ages women would gather together each month around their moon cycle to commune with Mother Earth and with each other. They’d speak of the trials of the villages, the accomplishments of their people, and the decisions that needed to be made. This ritual that allowed for expression, questions and wisdom to be shared has been lost in time. We cannot go back to that time but we can find a new way to gather.

We’ll start with a women’s circle on Friday evening, a morning sadhana practice, and workshops/talks around womb wisdom on Saturday and Sunday. (Finishing Sunday around 5pm.) All meals provided by BK’s talented raw food chefs!

You’re invited to rediscover the thread of the Feminine that unites us all.

Know more about Jana more, please visit: http://www.janajohnsonhealingworks.com/Philippines-2018.php

Another 5 days retreat from Jana, Freedom, an Immersion of Swatatra


Tentative Schedule, subject to change

Friday, Aug. 10 – new moon

6:30 – 8pm  Opening of Women’s Circle


Saturday, Aug. 11

7am Sadhana (movement, pranayama, meditation)

9am breakfast

10:30am Workshop

1pm lunch

3pm Workshop

6pm dinner

7:30pm in-house program


Sunday, Aug. 12

7am Sadhana (movement, pranayama, meditation)

9am breakfast

10:30am Workshop

1pm lunch

3pm Workshop

5pm finish



About Jana Johnson

After many years unfulfilled in the corporate world, Jana Johnson followed her heart into her life’s work of service. She was trained in New York City as an Intuitive, Energy Worker and Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, and since then has studied numerous spiritual traditions and healing modalities with teachers from around the world, mainly in Bali and India. She doesn’t follow one path but seeks her own path, holding the various teachers and texts in great esteem. Through this varied knowledge, years of experience and her inherent wisdom, Jana is able to identify people’s needs and offer useful tools and guidance in an accessible way.

When meeting with Jana you can discuss the issues in your life that are keeping you from living in your full potential. Through either intuitive guidance or hands on energy work she will work with you to clear blocks and stagnancy.

After a session with Jana, clients find self-empowerment through awareness and tools for conscious living. All of her practices aim to reconnect you to your own inner Truth and Strength.