Inner Dance Energy School With Serena


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Inner Dance with Serena Olsen will only be held on these dates in 2018:

10 Days 9 Nights

April 2-11 (finished)
June 30 – July 9

Facilitator’s Info: Serena Olsen

Serena, originally from New York, has been living in South East Asia since 2011.  Highly intuitive since birth, Serena has always found solace and connectivity in nature. In June 2011, while participating in a Wilderness First Responder course in the mountains of Massachusetts, Serena was struck by lightning.

While already having had a strong relationship with electricity before this event, this strange synchronistic moment catalyzed an intense ripple effect of varying phenomena that eventually led Serena to living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a city with some of the most grounded lightning strikes on the planet.

Exactly one year after the lightning strike, Serena experienced her first innerdance – which in it held electric vibrations three or four times stronger than the lightning strike itself.  Transformation and hyper-sensitivity was nothing new for Serena, therefore leading her to deeply trust what her experience spoke and how it would continue to change her life in relation to the greater dreams of a planet and the visions she herself knew as real.

Now, Serena combines her love of learning, healing, community, science, and integrative wholeness systems into all she is.  Finding flow within the forms and the formless, life is no longer a doing but a remembrance of being while creating spaces for gifting each other with possibilities for resonant change and transformation.

The innerdance is a transformative self-awakening process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, release work, energy awareness, live foods and ecological lifestyles, which can eventually assist in the planet’s healing and evolution in a time of accelerating collective global consciousness. Innerdance is an intuitive remembrance of the true self through a heightened awareness of bodies, minds and emotions as Energy. Coming to this state brings people into a more strengthened, sustainable and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet itself.

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