Health Resilience Retreat


Sept 6th – 10th (New Moon)

Sept 20th- 24th (Full Moon)


Course Fee:

Basic Price P33,810 (532 euros)

Direct Booking from our website P30,429 (486 Euros)  

EARLY BIRD (if book before 31st of July)  P27,048 (432 Euros)

*Early bird rate. Please register and make payment 30 days before workshop date otherwise regular rates apply (additional 5%)

+ Local Senior citizen’s with valid ID are most welcome to avail the discount.



When it comes to our bodies, we know that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the occasional detox or cleanse are beneficial to our health. But what about when it comes to our minds? Just as our bodies retain toxins and waste, our minds hold on to toxic outlooks and attitudes. A poisonous mentality can sour pretty much every life event.


What to expect?

We invite and guide you to go in touch with your mind, soul and body to balance your thoughts and emotions. View yourself and discover what you need to feel physically and mentally more powerful. We offer you in this smooth but as well intensive 5 day retreat a nice combination of Yoga sessions (all levels) combined with Resilience Workshops and personal one-to-one Coachings.


What are the benefits?

Why are some people struggling on challenges where others go through this without any problem? The keyword is “your personal resilience”! Resilience is your ability to handle difficult challenges in your life better that can come from different sides like work, family, relationships or your health. All these sides are in a permanent potential of a change but the question is “how do you handle these changes and challenges if they have a negative effect to you”?

In this special 5 days “Physical & Mental Health Resilience Retreat” we offer you a combined and well balanced health program. This will give you the best possible outcome to feel much better here and when you’re going back home to your “real” life. Very often people concentrate only on relaxation when they are on vacation – back home within few day or weeks in “real” life; challenging issues are back. But here with our special combined retreat you’ll get much more and learn to handle mental challenges better back home.

So, in the combination of both elements you’ll experience body & soul releases. You’ll find many answers to your life and get more inner energy to follow your individual path (explore your creative self and bring it in the world).

What’s included in the 5-day Retreat?

  • 15 hours “Yoga Session” (all levels)
  • 3 hours “Mental Relaxation Session” (Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga Pranayama Breathing)
  • 5 hours “Resilience Workshop” (guided self-education & individual practical exercises)
  • 1 hour individual “Personal Coaching Session” for specific topics (Kinesiology, Systematic Coaching techniques)
  • As well included: choice of your accommodation, 3 raw food meals, 1 smoothie, 1 snack, water & herbal tea, morning cleansing ritual, organic care kit, digestive enzymes to support raw food kitchen, day excursion to Nagtabon Beach, …. (details see website)


Program includes:

– Program and Indoor Processes Activities (as detailed above)

– A Nature Trip

– Shared Accomondation 

– accomodation in shared room (Private room upgrade available at Php 550-1,200 per night)

– rawfood meals: 3 meals/ 1 smoothie/ 1 snack

– use of water and herbal tea, morning cleansing ritual: oil pulling and alkaline flush

– Total 15 hours of yoga classes (10 sessions of 90 minutes) 

– Wifi in specific area

– Organic care kit



About David Arni

My personal strength is clearly the Coaching and Workshop area where I can bring in my long knowledge as manager in the international business area, as well my deep personal life experiences and knowledge of the educational background (detailed personal bio). This is what my clients appreciate – the combination of life personal experiences, business and social knowledge I bring into the Coaching and the Resilience Workshops.


My work as coach can be seen in two main areas:

  • Personal Coaching for individuals
  • Resilience Workshops for groups (up to 10-15 people)

In both areas I use my full educational set but with a different shaping. The Personal Coaching is more Kinesiology and Systemic Constellations oriented with partial NLP techniques. The Group Resilience Workshops have more NLP elements and Systemic Constellations, partially Yoga Pranayama and Qi Gong and less Kinesiology inside.

Know more about David Arni his detailed bio, please visit: and/or watch his YouTube videos.


Co-facilitator of the yoga session

Maya Bisschop. Born in Indonesia raised in the Netherlands. Maya is working as the Program & Floor manager of Bahay Kalipay detox & yoga retreat Center since the beginning of 2018. Before that she run her own yoga studio for almost 8 years in Rotterdam the Netherlands and taught mainly from the Ashtanga yoga Tradition. She started practicing yoga more then 17 years ago and is now teaching for more then 12 years. She started in 2005 with an Integral Yoga study for 4 years which gave her a deep knowledge of the Yoga Philosophy and understanding of the system of the body (Chakra’s and bandha’s) and mind (Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali). In 2008 she discovered Ashtanga Yoga on Maui, Hawaii and is from that moment fully embracing the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system ever since. She believes the technique of breathing and moving together is so profound because the main element of a happy Life is the Breath. This key element to Life is in need to be rediscovered by humanity to evolve into a more peaceful state of mind and living together on the beautiful planet Earth. She knows from practice and life experiences that being mindful of the breath in every situation is the key to undo suffering and life a happy life for yourself but also towards others.   

Another side of her work is her understanding and believing in the healing hands of massaging. She is a certified Traditional Thai massage therapist in the lineage of Wat Po Medical Institute in Bangkok and received this certification in 2010. She is helping people connect with the layers of their bodies and allowing them in a save space to feel what is there and gives support how to let go of past experiences that are still held on too or unconsciously stored without knowing. . 

Her work experience in mainstream life was working as a social counselor and nurse for over more then 12 years in the field of Children in the age of 10-24 years, dealing with multiple handicaps and/or behavior disorders. 

Her internal vision is to inspire by walking the talk and try to spread kindness and actively support peaceful interactions and initiatives. Supporting others with awakening their spiritual potential and help them ground and center their Flow of Life.

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