Innerdance in-depth study with Pi Villaraza

For those who resonate with the Innerdance process, have the knowledge of the basic frameworks and feel the urge to evolve their own process and/or their connection with holding space in this healing modality are very welcome to join our year long program designed under the close guidance of Pi Villaraza, the founder of Innerdance.

The aim of this program is to mix inner-work with facilitating to help students achieve their own personal transformation mixed with supporting the collective transformation.

You can see this as a unique opportunity to bring yourself in a community and space where it allows you to be fully open and create a deeper understanding of the process in its self plus you are inviting manifestation to unfold and are contributing to the evolvement of the system as well.

This internship is not one where you get a fixed content with a syllabus and a pre-knowing of that what you are going to learn. The way this is set up is more fluent and open for moments to unfold the way they will be. The exchange of knowledge is based on trust and finding the portals to easily un layer that what is not you and ultimately finding Truth within.

For you who feel the inner calling to come to Palawan and study close with Pi Villaraza are very welcome. Especially those who have the wish to stay longer. This is a one year program for those who want to go beyond knowing. More about studious Mundos:

This Internship is a flowing experiment and has in this moment the intention to be set up for people to study for one year. We ask for a minimum of 1 month to stay.


Practical information

We offer:

  • Minimum of 3 group Innerdance session per week
  • Private set ups with a small group of students lead by Pi.
  • Accommodation in Bahay Kalipay and/ or Maia
  • When chosen to stay in Bahay Kalipay the following is included: 3 meals + smoothis & snacks – 1 yoga session in the Morning 6 days a week.



  • The system is welcoming those who already immersed themselves into the process by attending an Innerdance School (Innerguidance, Conscious therapy) of one of Pi’s students or Pi himself and have an understanding of the the basic frameworks of the Innerdance healing modality.
  • Staying for a minimum of 4.


Energy exchange first month (28 days):

  • Introduction: First 2 weeks – 35.000 pesos
    • This includes 2 hours of volunteer work 5 days a week to contribute to the community and get a good sense of what it is that you can expect.
  • In-depth study: per week – 2 options:

It depends on personal process and possibilities whether you choose for Bahay Kalipay or Maia. From this moment on you are fully dedicated to your own process and you will not spending your time in volunteer community work. (Of course you are free to help out any time possible)

  • Bahay Kalipay: 20.000 pesos (including food, accommodation, 6 yoga classes per week)
    • This study in BK wil be very much guided and you are being taken care of food, accommodation and 6 days yoga in the mornings to ground yourself.
    • There will be time for personal guidance with Pi.
  • Maia: 10.000 pesos (including accommodation)
    • This study in Maia will be much more focused on personal practice, stillness and meditation. Every Friday there will be 1 group session of Innerdance in Maia
    • There will be time for personal guidance with Pi.


Energy exchange after the first month (28 days):

  • After the first month (28 days) you can extent per week.
  • When extending per month or longer we offer a discount price.


Extra info:

  • Payment:
    • To reserve your spot you book your first 2 week ahead. After we received your full payment your place in this Internship is guaranteed.
    • The third and forth week of your first month you pay before start at the reception.
    • Those who are extending per 4 weeks get 5% discount on the monthly total.
    • Those who are willing to extend per 8 weeks get a 10% discount on the quarterly total
  • Visa:
    • Most people receive a visa on arrival of 29 days. We highly advise you to inform the rules of your country before booking a flight ticket.
    • Also we highly advise you to know min of 1 week before the end date of your visa to decide if you will stay with Pi longer. Official extensions go per 1 or 2 months (30 days).
    • When you are booking your flight we highly advise you to arrange the flight to Bahay Kalipay, on the same day you are arriving in the Philippines. So you don’t waist days on overnights stays. This due to your 29 day visa on arrival.
  • Info about Maia eco village:
    • Find here all about our sister location:
  • Contact: