Learn to develop your personal daily yoga practice, from a dedicated and experienced yoga student of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Tradition, as taught by

  1. Sharath Jois of K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. For many years, Allen has taught students of all ages and started the Mysore

Communities and yoga studios around the Philippines.

This month gives space to students who are interested in learning the core elements of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. But also will create a sacred space

for current Ashtanga practitioners and or teachers to dive deeper into your already existing practice.


Allen will teach in the traditional way.  She encourages students to come and join 6 days a week every morning. It does not matter if you never did yoga.

This way of practicing is good for every level of experience.

This is called Mysore style. Which means Students will learn how to practice and memorize a series of asana’s (yoga postures). Students will do those

postures on their own, but with close guidance of the teacher.

In this way, you build up your own practice up to the Full Primary. Students who already have a practice, do their practice and are maybe getting extra

postures added when Allen sees you are ready to.

The students will learn to perform the postures independently in a safe way according to your own personal level. Students will learn a deeper

understanding of the key elements of Ashtanga:

  1. Breathing
  2. Bandha’s (internal energy locks)
  3. Dristhi (eye-gaze) combined with synchronizing movement and breathing. 



Monday- Friday: Mysore style start at 7:00-8:00 am

Saturday: Led class start at 7:00 am

Rest days

No practice on the following Moon days:

Full moon: Thursday 28th of June

New moon: Saturday 14th of July

Starting time

Mysore class:

Students with regular practice start at 7 am

Students who are beginners start at 8 am

Led class:

Students with an established practice start at 7 am.

Students who are new to the practice start at 8:15 am (shorter guided class)


This program is open to all levels of experience.

  • Those students who don’t have any experience in yoga will be guided on a personal level to develop and ground themselves into the key elements

of the Ashtanga practice.

  • Students who already have  experience in yoga, but are new to the Ashtanga tradition then this is the perfect opportunity to get to learn more about

the Ashtanga Tristhana system (breathing-movement-eye-gazing) and how this system can give grounding and inner awareness within your daily life

  •  Students who already have their daily Ashtanga yoga practice will be a great opportunity to experience daily guidance by an authorized level 2

Teacher who can deepen your practice by bringing more focus and understanding within.

Prices and Program Packages


1.) Drop-In Rate :   

1 class: 700 pesos/class

1 full week (6days): 3500 pesos (584p/class)

1 full month (22 days): 8800 pesos (400p/class

                *Add-On Breakfast upon request (350/person)

    2.) One full week In-house Program (7days/6nights)

 Check-in Time: 9:00 am (One day before the program start)

 Check-out Time: 4:00 pm (Last day)

Price: 27,200 (24,480 for Direct Booking and Early Bird)

3.) One Full Month In-house Program (28days/27nights)


Check-in Time: 9 am (One day before the program start)

Check-out Time: 4 pm (Last day)


Price: 96,348 (86,713 for Direct Booking and Early Bird)

Additional Day/ Extension Rates

Additional day: Php 4,096/day 



Single Room/Private Hut: 450/night

Family Hut (good for 2-3 group of friends/family): 600/night

Airport Transfer

Taxi- 250/way

Van- 450/way