We are all teachers, deepening our knowledge through experience with each other as divine beings. We do not teach what we know, but teach who we are; in the process we shine a light on your own wisdom, awakening the teacher within, so you can realize your potential and power over your life through conscious choices.




Pi (Inner Dance Energy School, Transformative Medicine)

Pi left the corporate world of advertising and marketing to undertake a vision quest around the Philippines where he walked around Mindanao without money for one year, ending up as a hermit on a deserted beach on an island in Northern Palawan. In this place called Kalipay Beach, he came into his personal healing, eating coconuts almost exclusively, which led to his discovery of a powerful vibration that awoke within him. In the years after this, he has brought the healing energy to more than ten thousand people from over 40 nationalities, founding a successful international detox center in Puerto Princesa and an international healing eco-village in Bacungan, Palawan. His work has been reported by the media in Europe, America and all over Asia, where he travels extensively to give advanced energy awareness training and to assist in the formation of healing centers in many large cities around Asia. Pi has worked extensively with medical practitioners, schools, government and NGO agencies, corporations and many institutions around the world, in healing and also in progressive education, deep ecology, raw food nutrition, organic food production, community development and sustainable architecture. He is an active environmentalist and is the former Philippine ambassador for the Global Eco-Village Network. His well-received book Conscious Trance is available in bookstores around the Philippines and soon to be found on Amazon.com. He leads the 5-Day Inner Dance Energy School, which gives students a chance to learn by experience and develop their own understanding and techniques of sharing Inner Dance with earnest seekers.


Daniw (Raw Food, Conscious Eating)

Daniw started on the Inner Food path because of spiritual and emotional reasons. Though it has also healed her of several physical issues in the past, Daniw’s life has shifted many times in the past seven years of running her first center in Manila and eventually taking over the management of one of the first raw food and retreat centers of its kind in Asia. As the co-founder of Bahay Kalipay, she has introduced raw food nutrition and cuisine to many people who have later influenced so many that comprise the raw food support community in the Philippines. She has organized and managed retreats and workshops in Penang, KL, Singapore and various parts of the Philippine Islands. She received her certification in Raw Food Preparation and Detox during a one-month course in Thailand organized by Pure Joy Academy. Daniw established Raw Food Pinoy, an advocacy initiative offering a support system that makes raw food accessible to regular households for personal and planetary health and well-being. She is proudly the mother of two: Sinag, a  boy whose diet while in-vitro was 100% raw food and a baby girl, Issa, who came into the world pain-free in an unassisted water birth in November 2013. To witness this amazing, breathtaking miracle of a birth, click here for the video. Daniw also leads transformative modalities, which include Inner dance, Inner food, Inner yoga, Inner birthing and Inner parenting. Currently, she leads raw food workshops at Bahay Kalipay, including a 3-Day Home-Cheffing Raw Food Course.




Trina Rowell (Head Yoga Teacher)

Trina loves living yoga through a simple healthy life and sharing it since she started practicing it over nine years ago in India.  She is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher passionate about Traditional Hatha Yoga and Dance and Facilitates Inner Dance.  She’s known for her soothing voice and precise guiding.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Professional Dance Artist and Choreographer offering Concert, Therapeutic and Intuitive Styles (enthusiastic about Local community, art, education, nutrition & organic living).  She draws from her diverse background to create understanding and facilitate expression through movement in hopes of raising awareness and invites you to come open your heart, work and laugh together.  Trina offers private Yoga, Inner Dance, Outer Dance, Intuitive Healing (including Reiki) and Guidance Sessions.



Maya Bisschop  (Yoga)

Maya has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has taught for 12 years. Maya studied Integral Yoga in 2005 for 4 years and later on she discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2008. Ever since then she totally embraces Ashtanga Vinyasa principles and gathers a thorough comprehension of mind, body and breath connection. Life experiences and extenuated practice has taught the importance of mindfulness in yoga and everyday life. Maya believes mindfulness of breath is the key to relieved suffering and happiness for yourself and others.




Flor (Creative Alchemy)

After many years in the corporate world, Flordeliza Pesigan became a full-time artist in a nomadic life of flow and trust while also in search of physical healing. Having experienced various healing modalities that turned into initiations and activations from many different mentors, healers, and shamans, she started deepening into self-illuminating practices and explored Sound healing, 5 Elements activation, Movement therapy, Reiki, Somatic Healing, Tantra, Shamanic practices, Light Code transmissions and Inner Dance. Combining all that she has learned in her travels and her life’s work and practices as a creative soul, she now shares ”Creative Alchemy” which offers self-illuminating, transformative, healing, creative journeys, ceremonies, and retreats together with Inner Dance Process around Asia and the Middle East. She also gives Inner Dance Energy School and Facilitation Training. Everyone’s different so she intuitively mixes or layers her offerings into however it is needed and appropriate for each person to fully connect and experience the self.


Bahay Kalipay offerings:
Inner Dance Journeys
Voice Activation (through Sound Alchemy or Inner Dance)
Creative Alchemy
Painting Techniques
Shamanic Sound Healing Journey (with Crystal, singing bowl, and various shamanic instruments).


El (Alternative Healing)

El Kalinado ( El ), has developed a passion for helping people heal with alternative methods. He has taught hundreds of workshops around the world and help many people in the healing process. His most popular modality is a combination of Energy Medicine and Emotions re-programming. His work is based on the principle that the body and mind can be “out of balance” because of our emotions. By first finding the cause and then treating the cause, we can re-establish balance and health.

El has been using the following modalities, most of the time combined, to achieve amazing results:
Sound Healing
Energy Medicine
Emotions re-programming
Reiki Tummo
Sat Nam Rasayan ( Kundalini)
Dorn Spinal Therapy
Inner Dance
Infinite Meditation
Compassionate listening
Art Therapy

His new book on the subject will be available in English and Chinese simultaneously in 2017.


Serena (Inner Dance)

Serena, originally from New York, has been living in South East Asia since 2011.  Highly intuitive since birth, Serena has always found solace and connectivity in nature.  After attending university in New York City, arriving to the complexities of this urban matrix only two weeks prior to 9/11 and staying for 6 years, Serena was ready to re-immerse in forest living where she could begin to deconstruct much of the social matrices and underlying dissipative structures she found herself in observation of while living in NYC.  This brought her to the San Bernardino National Forest where she facilitated experiential science-based ecology and environmental classes for thousands of children all across Southern California. Then, in June 2011, while participating in a Wilderness First Responder course in the mountains of Massachusetts, Serena was struck by lightning.  While already having had a strong relationship with electricity before this event, this strange synchronistic moment catalyzed an intense ripple effect of varying phenomena that eventually led Serena to living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a city with some of the most grounded lightning strikes on the planet.  Exactly one year after the lightning strike, Serena experienced her first inner dance – which in it held electric vibrations three or four times stronger than the lightning strike itself.  Transformation and hypersensitivity was nothing new for Serena, therefore leading her to deeply trust what her experience spoke and how it would continue to change her life in relation to the greater dreams of a planet and the visions she herself knew as real.  Now, Serena combines her love of learning, healing, community, science, and integrative wholeness systems into all she is.  Finding flow within the forms and the formless, life is no longer a doing but a remembrance of being while creating spaces for gifting each other with possibilities for resonant change and transformation.


Lily Jou (Acupuncture)

As a 2005 Teacher of the Year in Oriental Medicine, Lily Jou is the Founder and Inventor of Immediate Pain Relief where ‘Pain Becomes Optional’ is the motto for the next wave of treatment for chronic and acute pain. She has a Masters degree from Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine, knows several languages (Major in Linguistics from Hamilton College with a Minor in Physics/ Astronomy), and has devoted years to serving the low-income community in Tucson, Denver, New York City, Mexico, and seniors in Palawan. Her passion is in helping people live pain-free and happy life through education and natural healing.
Born in the small Southeast Asian capital of Laos, Lily Jou is an Acupuncturist with a Masters Degree from Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine in Acupuncture and a certified Chinese Herbologist. Her success with treating life-threatening disorders such as epileptic seizures, anorexia, and AIDS or HIV+ at the Detoxification Centers of Fortune Society and Lincoln Hospital (NYC), has measurably expanded her skill in Acupuncture. For anyone undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, Acupuncture can help reduce the side-effects without
interfering with the intended effect.


Venerable Rakkhita (Discourses on Buddhism, Guided Meditation)

Venerable Rakkhita, originally from the UK has been practicing vipassana (Awareness and Wisdom) meditation for about 28 years, three of which as an ordained Buddhist Monk in the Thai Vipassana tradition with Ven Ajahn Tong and four years as a Samanera. Teachers have included Luang Poh Banyat, Ven Ajahn Tong, Sayadaw U Pandita, Ven Sujiva, Bhante Punnaji and Ven Dr. Sunanda. Rakkhita has shared creative life skills in many areas of the work field world including arts, music, theatre in education, therapies and performance mainly in the UK. His teachings invite exploration of the convergence of love and wisdom. “I came to meditation as a result of the stress and suffering I was experiencing in my life. It was a time when I was becoming curious about two questions: Why am I so miserable? and What is freedom?” Rakkhita’s teachings are based on both ancient and modern ways of mind training such as daily life practice, “Metta” unconditional love, concentration, awareness and wisdom and he has developed a Meditation Map to help to track attention during Insight Meditation. His teaching style emphasizes a relaxed, caring and attentive attitude combined with joyful interest and Zen humor and aims to reveal how all aspects of our lives can help us come to a clear and direct understanding of the Truth. “Bhante,” as he is affectionately addressed, leads discourses on Buddhism and guides Tranquility and Insight Meditation sessions as well as 3-day Creative Contemplation Retreats.